Management & Partners

Collectively, we are a diverse team of dedicated, attentive, hardworking, and confident professionals. We invest our firm’s capital alongside investors’ capital in every investment we make. Our goals are to protect principal, produce high annual current yields and achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns through diversification.

Versatile, resourceful leaders, our mission is to share with all stakeholders, our unique path to create value and wealth. We are building a legacy for generations to come with our unique approach to value-added opportunities for long-term hold, buying below market prices, refinancing, selling and leasing for substantial profits and securing considerable benefits in all real estate ventures. We focus on optimizing leverage and compounding to create extraordinary growth potential. These two principals will turn cash into rocket fuel.

Juan Zarate, Managing Member bought his first apartment building at the age of 25. Juan Zarate has been a full-time entrepreneur and investor since 1995. Zarate is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and self-made man. Now, with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, he specializes in the acquisition and positioning of realty and development throughout the United States. Juan Zarate’s resourceful nature makes him comfortable with adapting to sudden market changes. Coupled with his proven track record in sales, Mr. Zarate thrives in times of uncertainty; altogether with a background and expertise in real estate development, land development, property management, and distressed property solutions. Furthermore, his skills include a wide range of business expertise in construction and rehabs.

Affordable Renovations contributes years of expertise and experience in single family, multifamily, hospitality, and commercial construction. Knowledge and experience gathered through the developments of simple single-phase repairs to multi-phase, multi-building, and complete rehabilitation. Affordable Renovation’s team brings a unique and advantageous skill set for any project. Through the successful implementation in a broad range of areas including Project Scouting, Project Development, Strategic Project Planning, Project Design, Cost Analysis, and Project Management. Altogether, the ability to control all aspects of any project in-house, reassures clients with a smoother, higher quality product. Creating a “one-stop shop” enables control over craftsmanship, quality, integrity, and pride in well-executed projects.

Tom Warren and Shawna Kultgen together have over 40 years of knowledge and experience working as general contractors, with a concentration on multifamily, timeshares, hotels, and house flipping. Jointly they are the owners and operators of Brazen Systems and Affordable Renovations. Presently, both companies are vendors for Gold Key/PHR, Harbor Group, Fairfield Residential, and Diamond Resorts. Additionally, they are currently in the process of completing projects and maintenance for Diamond International, Harbor Group, and Gold Key/PHR.

Our Core Values

 At the core of FMG’s investment philosophy is our belief that we treat investors’ capital as our own. We are passionate about enriching the quality of life in our communities through our investments.

 Our mission is to “Invest in and manage residential and commercial real estate nationwide. Extraordinary Service is our culture and way of life!”

Our Areas of Expertise

• Detailed Due Diligence Process
• Real Estate Development Commercial/Residential
• Wholesale/Foreclosures/Short sale/Discount Notes
• Land Development
• Value Added Properties
• Tax & Asset Protection
• Creative Real Estate Financing with Due Diligence/Underwriting
• Asset Management
• Property Management Revenue Generation
• Asset Allocation/Diversification
• Distressed Property Solutions
• Minimizing Risks through Contract negotiations and Provisions
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Marketing, Research, & Business Development
• Strategic Planning & Risk Management
• Dispositions & Acquisitions


FMG’S clients feel comfortable and relaxed knowing there is full disclosure throughout the entire process of the investment cycle. From finding an investment property,  conducting due diligence, obtaining  acquisition, and developing operating strategies.