About FMG

 Fratelly management Groups primary strategy is to establish value for all shareholders involved, from the tenants who reside in our communities to our partners who invest with us.

Fratelly is creating long-term wealth through real estate investing. Our primary investing focus is value added income producing assets and positive cash flow. While waiting for future capital appreciation of the assets.

FMG is transforming the way institutions and sophisticated investors identify assets and secure high yields through tax-efficient multi-family real-estate investments. We execute a wide range of value-added opportunistic investment strategies by leveraging local relations and resources. We continually adapt the latest management technologies for reporting operating metrics, updates, and management reports to ensure accountability and instill peace of mind.

60+ Years’ experience

We are a group of professionals with over 60+ years’ experience in purchasing, renovating, rehabbing, and marketing all types of commercial and residential real estate. We are experts in building from the ground up, covering all property types (Office buildings, retail, multifamily, apartment units, hospitality, land, and residential). As former owners of a construction company with a Class “A” building License, at present, we have rehabbed multiple hotels and apartment units up and down the east coast.

Throughout the years we have owned apartment buildings, commercial office spaces, as well as fully renovated residential properties as part of our buy and hold strategy and multiple lots in various cities. These properties were acquired through auctions, short sales, and owner finance.

We have defined success with each investment as one that achieves all of our target metrics which include: purchasing below replacement cost, Net Operating Income growth, Cash on Cash Return, Internal Rate of Return, and Equity multiple.

We focus on business metrics that are meaningful measures of business performance. We collect the numbers to make sound business decisions with those figures. There are so many business metrics, and some are more important than others, we keep a close eye on Cash Flow, it determines the financial health of the organization from which many other financial metrics can be derived. We value four primary returns, Cash Flow, Growth in Value, Loan Amortization, and Tax Shelter. We look at properties that can generate at least 30% net profit within the initial 12 months of the project.


We have been successfully buying, fixing and selling houses, making it one of the most exciting business ventures for the company.

Over the last decade, FMG has been helping out investors find the ideal solutions for their property and investment portfolios, taking advantage of real estate assets and turning it into absolute gold mines that ensure a sustainable and consistent cash flow on their real estate assets and properties. We are a group of professionals with more than 60 years of extensive experience in buying, fixing, selling and marketing all types of commercial and residential real estate.

 We are experts in building from the ground up covering all property types (Office buildings, retail, multi-family, apartment units, hospitality, land and residential establishments). As former owners of a construction company with a Class “A” Contractor’s License, we have rehabilitated multiple hotels and apartment units up and down the East Coast, to name a few the Hilton and Ramada INN – two of our biggest clients.

We used to run an emergency service department for State Farm Insurance making us the leader in their Primary Service list. We have repeatedly achieved double-digit profitability improvements, pairing expenses in relation to revenues while improving customer satisfaction, quality, and employee engagement/retention.

Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise are among the most versatile and dynamic in the industry.


Commercial and Residential Real Estate Acquisitions


Multi Family


Foreclosures / Shortsales






Land Development


Property Management


Asset Protection


Marketing, Research & Business Development


Contact information

  • Juan Zarate: Finding underperforming assets and capital to take them down. jzarate@fratelly.com
  • Francisco Zarate: Operations and Transaction Coordinator. fzarate@fratelly.com
  • Shawna Kultgen: Asset Management and Project Development. skultgen@fratelly.com
  • Tom Warren: Project Design Management and Cost Analysis. twarren@fratelly.com
  • Amber Russell: Marketing and Advertising. arussell@fratelly.com
  • Julieth Cardona: Data Analysis. jcardona@fratelly.com